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Education – Sanitation – Sustainability – Enterprise – Gender Equality

Woman i bildimap woman blong mekem oli strong mo helti


Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu are based in a small village, on a small island in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific ocean.
We sew reusable menstrual pads, distribute those pads to women and girls across the islands.  To maximise the impact of these pads, we also provide menstrual health awareness to recipients.

Not only that, but we deliver a unique menstrual health programme with men, by men.

Our approach to enterprise is holistic, as we provide a locally made, eco-friendly alternative to disposable (plastic) hygiene products, we have increased incomes in our community, by creating this enterprise.
We are innovative, exploring other reusable hygiene products to support the health and wellbeing of ni Vanuatu.
Ni-Vanuatu regard our land as our mother. We guard our lands and oceans with the love and respect we should give to our mothers. Climate change effects our daily lives. We are making changes to help combat the impact humans have made on our planet.

Supported by Mamma’s Laef Charitable Trust in New Zealand.
Together we can make a difference.

What We Do

Mamma’s Laef is a longest running project developed by Lav Kokonas. In the archipelago of Vanuatu we create and distribute reusable menstrual pads. We also educate, support and encourage innovation.

You Can Help

Every dollar counts. Donations can be made through our Give A Little page, or direct to Mamma’s Laef Charitable Trust, via this website. You can also spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Who We Are

The concept of Mamma’s Laef was sparked when the owner of Lav Kokonas, Belinda Roselli asked the question in the wake of Cyclone Pam (March 2015). “In times of natural disaster in Vanuatu, what do women use for their monthly period?”

Over the next 6 months, the answer became clear. Menstrual tools were not easily accessible at any time for many rural living women in Vanuatu, resulting in women of all ages, not being able to fully participate in daily activities. Alongside the lack of menstrual resources, were the cultural taboos and confusing messages about menstrual health.

And so the plan was put in place to develop an enterprise in Vanuatu where local women would be given the opportunity in developing their skills and providing an income while sewing menstrual pads.

Mamma’s Laef, one of 14 businesses selected for the Frontier Innovators program.

Pacific Beat with Catherine Graue – 2018 interview.

Article in the popular EcoWoman German Magazine.

Mamma’s Laef featured in the Australian Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Mary Kalsrap, Mamma’s Laef – 70 Inspiring Pacific Women 2017.

Funding that has made an impact on schools and communities.

The profits from every purchase from The Goodnight Society are helping Mammas Laef.

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