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The largest component of waste in Vanuatu is the disposable diaper.

Mamma’s Laef want to change that.

Mamma’s Laef began experimenting with designs of a modern reusable baby nappy in 2019.   We did that  at the same time as developing a reusable adult nappy.   It is estimated that Vanuatu uses at least seven million single-use diapers per year with disposable diapers making up 27% of Vanuatu’s rubbish.

Island nations are hit the hardest when it comes to climate change and plastic pollution.   Many single use plastics have been banned in Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu Government have been bold and will be banning the largest component of waste in Vanuatu, the disposable diaper.

During 2020 we partnered with Bambino Mio (Europe’s largest producer of modern reusable baby nappies), to explore a sustainable nappy system that could be a viable alternative to disposable diapers.

Our collaborative Pilot in 3 communities, where families tested our reusable nappy system, has been documented in an in depth Report.   We are excited to discover that 96% of participants liked Mamma’s Laef reusable nappies with 85% saying they wanted to buy them.

The full Report INTRODUCING MODERN REUSABLE NAPPIES INTO VANUATU A TRIAL STUDY – Report – January 2021, was released in February 2021 and is available, by clicking on the button below.

The Executive Summary (English version)  – click on this link  Vanuatu_A Pilot Study_Executive Summary_English 

The Executive Summary (Bislama version) – click on this  link Vanuatu_A Pilot Study_ExecutiveSummary_Bislama

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