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At Last We Meet

The V Factor

If you are regular visitor, or have lived in Vanuatu, you will no doubt have heard or referred to, the V Factor.   The V factor can mean several things, sometimes positive and sometimes not quite you were expecting. It can…

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Judene Edgar On Fresh FM Radio

Community Conversations with FreshFM Radio

Judene Edgar speaks with Belinda from Mammas Laef about Period Poverty and how a group of Vanuatu people are tackling the burden felt by many women in the island nation. Follow this link to listen. This is an insight…

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Period. End of a Sentence.

Menstruation, periods, rags, Aunt Flo, or sik mun (if you are in Vanuatu) –  whatever you call it – “it” is certainly attracting a lot of media interest these days. Academy Awards In fact, ‘Period. End of Sentence’ just won…

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Empowerment has many faces

Empowerment of women can happen on many levels and has many faces. In terms of empowerment with Mamma’s Laef, people tend to think of the “empowerment” being, “having access to good menstrual hygiene pads”,  or “receiving education / awareness”.  Mamma’s…

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No more sales

The day has finally arrived and my final GST return can be completed.   The website shop has closed.   For those lovers of Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil, I'm sorry, but I have been unable to find an alternative NZ supplier…

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