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Reusable Baby Nappy Trial – Video

It is estimated that Vanuatu uses 7 million disposable (single use) diapers every year.

27% of Vanuatu’s rubbish is made up of disposable (single use) diapers.

Something must be done. We cannot sit back and watch this disaster unfold and continue. We have done something by creating a Vanuatu Made reusable baby nappy.

It’s the big picture.

Support the local economy.

Reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Help families save money by reusing the nappies on the next baby in the family.

Create opportunities for more families to build their village economies with by-product businesses associated with reusable baby nappies.

Here’s the story of our reusable baby nappy trial conducted at the end of 2020. We hope you enjoy the video and learn from our experience. There is still so much for us to do. We want all parents to have access to reusable baby nappies that are made in Vanuatu.

96% of the participants in the trial said they liked Mamma’s Laef reusable nappies with 85% saying they wanted to buy them.

Special thanks to Bambino Mio and SAVVY Vanuatu for supporting this trial.

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