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Modern reusable nappies overwhelmingly popular

Mamma’s Life Vanuatu releases Reusable Nappy Research Report with the Vanuatu Department of Industry

PORT VILA: 96% of families who used modern reusable nappies liked them, with 85% saying they would purchase them, a trial of reusable nappies manufactured by social enterprise Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu has found.

Many parents appreciated they would save money by transitioning from single-use disposable diapers to reusable nappies that can be washed and used repeatedly.

Vanuatu Department of Industry’s Director Jimmy Rantes publicly released the report “Introducing Modern Reusable Nappies in Vanuatu, a Trial Study” with Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu on Tuesday, 9 February in Port Vila.

This is the first time that market research about modern reusable nappies versus single-use disposable diapers has been undertaken in Vanuatu, and the results are very encouraging for Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu as well as supporters of the Government’s proposed ban on disposable diapers.

Social enterprise Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu (with the support of the New Zealand based Mamma’s Laef Charitable Trust) and leading international reusable nappy company Bambino Mio collaborated to undertake the community trial of Mamma’s Laef modern reusable nappies and to produce the report. Bambino Mio commissioned communications agency Savvy Vanuatu to coordinate the project locally.

The research paper investigates the views of 59 participants who voluntarily took part in a two-week community research process in October 2020 in the Efate communities of Eratap, Eton and Pango to trial Mamma’s Laef “Vanuatu-Made” modern reusable washable nappies with their babies.

Each community participant received nappy instructions, including hygiene education, and free nappy trial packs sufficient to cover the two-week trial period. Participants undertook an intensive survey before and after the trial to investigate their attitudes to Vanuatu’s proposed disposable diaper ban, their nappy usage, and even their laundry behaviours.

The report identifies the benefits and challenges families faced using Mamma’s Laef reusable nappies during the community trial and will be used to inform Vanuatu Government policy and the social–enterprises’ business development, including minor improvements to their modern design, to meet expected increased consumer demand for sustainable and affordable alternatives to disposable diapers.

Vanuatu Department of Industry’s Director Jimmy Rantes said: “The Vanuatu Government is happy to support Mamma’s Laef by issuing a valid Industrial Permit as a registered locally owned and operated business that is employing Vanuatu people. Vanuatu-Made products are very important and build value in our country’s economy. We can support our country when we buy locally made products.”

The research will also be presented by Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu to the Vanuatu Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation to inform their national consultation on the Vanuatu Government’s proposed disposable diaper ban.

“This research is very useful for us and will guide how we locally manufacture and market our nappies. The research results are also very important for Vanuatu because it shows families will support a switch from disposable diapers to reusable nappies,” said Mary Kalsrap for Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu.

“Our modern nappies are made locally specifically for Ni-Vanuatu families with specially imported high quality, absorbent and waterproof materials. By producing modern reusable nappies, Mamma’s Laef aims to help support the Vanuatu Government’s proposed disposable diaper ban, meet the needs of local communities, reduce pollution, and save families money.”

Guy Schanschieff, Founder and Managing Director of Bambino Mio said: “Disposable diapers are an environmental disaster, using huge amounts of raw materials including oil, wood, and water, and polluting our land and seas. Fortunately, Vanuatu has sustainable, locally made alternatives in Mamma’s Laef reusable nappies.

“The development of these nappies has benefitted from our 25 years of experience creating nappies that are better for babies, better for the planet, and better for our wallets, so Vanuatu families can rest assured they are getting the very best.

“We are proud to support a Ni-Vanuatu social enterprise that is making such an important positive contribution to a global concern.” 

The “Introducing Modern Reusable Nappies in Vanuatu, a Trial Study” report and executive summary can be downloaded at

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  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Well done to everyone at Mama’s Laef and the community members who were open to change. This is why the people of Vanuatu are going to lead the world away from plastic diapers!

    1. Thank you. We will continue to work locals to meet their needs and listen to what works for them. It’s a very exciting time.

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