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In the words of Annie Lennox

“When women get together in a group, it’s immensely powerful”.

That is exactly what has happened here.

Seven months of accepting donations of $20 per girl, we now have 116 girls sponsored to each receive a Mamma’s Laef Washable Sanitary Pad kit – each lasting up to 4 years (or more), and the time has arrived for the delivery to young women in Vanuatu.

The Mamma’s Laef have lovingly created the kits over the past few weeks.   We will all be starting our training to deliver menstrual hygiene and reproductive health education, alongside the donation of the kits.

sewing kits 4 sewing kits 3  sewing kits 2

  • Keeping girls in education.
  • Women supporting women.
  • Doing what you can to help.
  • Sisters


A huge thanks to these generous women – all 67 of you who for whatever reason, felt compelled to support a young woman in Vanuatu.

So to you  all –

Eve, Anne, Barbara, Jacqui, Willie, Krista, Sue Wendy, Jo, Kathy, Sandi., Janine, Pam, Kathy, Lynn, MRJ, Sharon, Bridie, Martine, Andre, Sue, Rena, Lenore, Sal, Cindy, Sharon, Irene, Olwynne, Sheena, Joanne, Angela, Shaz, LKS, JLH, REM, JK, Elizabeth, Sherylyn, Carolina, Jean, Lyla, Leanne, Kathy M, Paula K, Paula, Mary, Joan, Beth, Maree, Jane, Alli, Rhonda, Marion, Fiona, Kimberley, Pat, Robyn, Sue, Sandra, Sue, Helen, Leah, Claire, Rachel, Raewyn, Carey

Tank yu tumas

I will make sure to get plenty of photos and video of the girls (and our team),  as we meet them at their boarding school in mid September.


Mi lukim yu


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