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3 years later ….. we see Nikaura Kindergarten

Malafau and Nikaura villages are on the island of Epi.

Back in 2014, two women from those villages (who were working in New Zealand at the time for an orchardist in Motueka), asked me if I was able to source items for a new kindergarten in each of the villages.   From memory, I think we got about 6 banana boxes filled with Vanuatu-appropriate equipment – ie not MDF toys, but hard wearing educational equipment.   I always wondered what had eventuated, as I never received any updates.   Sadly Meribel passed away during Cyclone Pam.   I didn’t know anyone else from Malafau to find out what had happened with the kindergarten.   However I did see Netty from Nikaura this year, when she was working once again, as part of the RSE scheme in New Zealand.   I asked her how the kindergarten was, and she indicated it was up and running.   That was good news, but no photos available to see.

A few months later, what a pleasant surprise, to receive photos via Facebook, showing the pikinini at play at the Nikaura Kindergarten  (thanks Christopher).

It might be island time – but for those that helped me back in 2014 – here’s the evidence of our donations.   Thanks.

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