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All’s not quiet on the western front

I’ve been a little bit quiet on these blogging pages, but not so in actual life.


Upon my return to New Zealand from Vanuatu on 8th June, from another whirl-wind actioned packed 7 days, I hit the ground running to get the hospital gear project happening.


That’s now almost complete.   The first container arrived, as you know, courtesy of the New Zealand Navy. It was wonderful to have such dedicated and focused people helping me.   The container is being unpacked, as I write.   The second container arrives in early September.   That project was rather labour intensive – 6 weeks full time – but I know that every hour is worth it, with the benefits the equipment will provide to those who really need it.


The donors who made the project possible, have all been kept informed of updates.   There was a small surplus of funds, and the donors have allowed me to use the surplus for distribution (fuel or inter-island shipping costs) of the items.


I will be in Vanuatu in September and hope that I will be able to track down some of the equipment so I can show you where it has been re-homed.   Keep an eye on the Lav Kokonas Facebook page for updates.


Alongside all this, the Mamma’s Laef project continues – more on that later.


Until then,

Mi lukim yu



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