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Apples – Fabric – Hospital Beds :


Yesterday I prepared the boxes for transportation to Auckland.   From there, Kiwanis will pack and ship a 20 foot container with  educational equipment to be distributed around Vanuatu.

There’s a mountain of fabric which has been prepared over the past month which will keep the Mamma’s Laef team very busy for the next few months.

GRATITUDE to our donor of the fabric. This has made a huge difference to the team in getting up on our feet.   There are of course, always “overheads” when setting up a team of this nature. This ‘helping hand’ has helped us manage our group more easily.

Boxes for Kiwanis to transport to Vanuatu

Beds to South Santo clinics

With the help and guidance of Julie and Mick from the Vanuatu Amputee Association who were the recipients of the 2016 shipping containers of medical / hospital equipment – 10 hospital beds and mattresses are on their way to South Santo; to be used in clinics in this rural area of Vanuatu.   GRATITUDE to the management of Vanuatu Ferry for their generosity in providing transportation at no charge.   A donation was made for the fuel costs from Luganville into South Santo (petrol is not cheap in Vanuatu).   Johnas had managed this part of the medical equipment distribution.  Julie tells me that some of the mobility equipment will be sent to Tanna very soon.

Beds at Luganville wharf Johnas in ship Vanuatu Ferry with beds in foreground at Luganville wharf



RSE workers will soon be flooding into New Zealand to assist farmers, orchardists and viticulturists to harvest and maintain their crops.   I have assisted a local orchardist in acquiring some ni Vanuatu staff for the 2017 harvest.   For the past few years this orchard owner has had to leave fruit on the trees to waste away, unable to find enough staff within New Zealand. I will be helping those RSE workers to source items they need for projects they intend to do when returning to Vanuatu in mid-late 2017.

I’ve received donations of beds, household and kindergarten equipment to enable those projects.  I’m amazed at the reaction of those donors, they understand and appreciate the needs of others on this planet.  GRATITUDE to those who have helped me to date.   You know who you are.


“Paying it forward in Vanuatu”

Mi lukim yu





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