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Great food starts with the best ingredients

Baron Hasselhoff’s Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodle is a great example; using Certified  Organic Vanilla Extract supplied by Lav Kokonas.   The vanilla is grown sustainably and according to the best agronomic and organic practices in the fertile soils of the Vanuatu archipelago by expert ni Vanuatu farmers.   These farmers have been trained in the art of pollinating and curing vanilla to ensure that it achieves high level vanillin content – giving a more intense flavour.  With less food miles than most other vanillas in New Zealand, it was a natural choice for The Baron – organic, sustainably grown, this Vanilla ticks all the boxes.


Venui Vanilla
Venui Vanilla Extract a key ingredient

Baron Hasselhoff and Lav Kokonas have a treat for you.  Get a taste of the famous gluten free Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodle and try for yourself the vanilla extract in your own culinary creations.

Simply make a comment on our facebook pages before  Wednesday 22nd October 7.30 pm, LIKE Baron Hasselhoff Facebook Page and Lav Kokonas Facebook Page and go into WIN a treat pack.

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