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FREE Coconut Oil – Buy 1 Litre & get 100ml jar FREE

Our new shipment has arrived, so we have a few of these 1 Litre glass jars of quality, Virgin Coconut Oil to move on.

From a food point of view, the best before is April 2016.

If you are making your own cosmetics, or using Virgin Coconut Oil for your skin, hair, massage or other non food related activities (hmmm) then the oil has a longer life, but remember to store away from heat and light sources.


Grab yourself a bargain – 1 Litre plus a free 100ml for $35


Click the link here  SHOP to purchase.

So many uses for Virgin Coconut Oil – here’s just a few

In the kitchen

  • Use to replace all oils in the kitchen – coconut oil has a high heat point – it’s very stable.
  • Add a tablespoon to your porridge, cereal or melted into your smoothie.
  • Roast vegetables in coconut oil.
  • Eat it off the spoon.
  • Add to your coffee.
  • Suitable to use in baking, especially those who love raw and paleo foods.

In the bathroom

  • Massage into your skin after a shower, the best time for maximum absorption.
  • After shaving to soothe the burn, or instead of soap based lubricants.
  • Cradle Cap – will nourish the scalp.
  • Dandruff or Hair conditioning treatment – use on hair overnight, wash out the next day.
  • Exfoliator – mix with coffee grounds or sugar, massage into your skin, rinse off.

For your general wellbeing

  • As a nutritional supplement with each meal.   Begin with 1 teaspoon per day, increasing to up to 3 tablespoons per day over a period of weeks.
  • Bowel function – softens stools
  • Candida – helps fight yeast

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