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You can’t get a lemon from an Orange


RSE Workers In Nelson Bays

Nelson Bays region’s population swells with ni Vanuatu workers under the RSE scheme from December to May, every year.


The workers often hire a shipping container and buy a share of the space within, to take things back to Vanuatu that they would otherwise, not have access to. The need for building equipment was evident after Cyclone Pam had damaged so many buildings across Vanuatu in March 2015. Many of the workers this year had put their hard earned money into buying all sorts of equipment and building materials to take back home.

In one of my previous lives, I had worked with a wonderful group of builders from the Certified Builders Association. One of the members, David Orange of Orange Residential Homes is a community-conscious man.   I received an email from him one day to say that he had a “few” tools that the ni Vanuatu guys might like to take back home with them.   The timing was perfect.   A shipping container was soon to be loaded and I knew there was some space in it. I approached some of the RSE workers and asked if they would be interested in a few tools. Of course, the answer was yes.


Two trailer loads later!   The guys could not believe their eyes with the equipment that David had so kindly donated to them, at a time when they needed it most.


IMG_8473 IMG_8475

  • Most of the men had been in New Zealand during the terrible day that was 13th March 2015.
  • Most of the men did not really know what to expect when they returned to their villages.

This gift was going to men efficiencies in building back stronger and safer homes to withstand the predicted recurrence of higher levels cyclones across the Pacific in years to come.


Big Fala shout out to you David Orange. You didn’t need to do anything with that equipment. It could have just stayed in the garage, but it’s now helping to rebuild Vanuatu.


True Story.   Amazing eh?

Mi lukim yu


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