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Catering to a woman’s need.


Incubee Programme.

We were winding down for the year, December 2019, when it was suggested that Mary & Jack apply to become incubees with the newly developed VLab centre in Port Vila.

After the selection and interview process Mary & Jack were accepted into the programme.  Designed to support budding entrepreneurs who had “an idea” for a business or ones like Mamma’s Laef, who have been operating for some time, but with skills still to learn and share.

Mary & Jack commit themselves to participating in regular training sessions such as communication, computer skills as well as sharing with people in our communities who might be interested in participating in similar programmes led by V Lab in the future.

It’s really helpful to be in an environment with other ni Vanuatu who are all keen and willing to learn new skills and to share their our own experiences.

Read a little more about it here.

Sustainability of Mamma’s Laef has always been a key focus since inception in 2015. Participating in this programme is another piece in the puzzle to gain sustainability.




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