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A chance meeting with a student led to

A student created movie and advertising flyer

I was returning to Port Vila with the Mammas Laef team, after they had delivered their first education programme and provided 80+ girls with washable sanitary pad kits. We diverted our route, to call into Port Vila International School, to pick up the sister of our driver.


Waiting for students to come out of the school, I decided to walk into the school to see if I could find Amy, a kiwi who is currently teaching at PVIS.  I hadn’t met Amy before, so had no idea, who I was looking for.  In true Vanuatu style, Amy was the first adult I noticed as I wandered around.   I thanked Amy for the use of her data projector, which we used during the presentation earlier that day.


Back in the bus, Melanie (the sister) was now waiting for me! We chatted to one another about our day. I told Melanie about Mammas Laef and she told me about her desire to become an air traffic controller.   I was most impressed.


The following day, Melanie spoke about Mammas Laef to her teacher, Amy.  This was the birth of a project the students of PVIS would begin, after their 2016 end-of-year exams. Led by Georgilla and Layla, the group offered to complete a project which would ultimately end in some promotional material for Mamma’s Laef.   Their project needed to include aspects of environment, marine, science and independent studies.  Mamma’s Laef ticked all of those boxes.


The group of students made several visits to the Mammas Laef team in Pango, to see for themselves, exactly it was, that we do.

port-vila-international-school-ml-with-student-in-pango-december-2016 port-vila-international-school-placing-the-flyers-around-pango-village-december-2016


The end result, is this movie.

Thanks PVIS.   We appreciate your interest and the promotion you have given our team and support.   We will continue to use these.   We know you put in so much energy and enthusiasm into every aspect of the project.     We are grateful to each and every one of you.



Mi lukim yu


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