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Coconut Chips anyone?

It seems to have been a particularly busy week, so the snack of the week has to be quick and easy.  This one ticks that box for me. Coconut chips.   I probably won’t be eating them for the entire week as they  can have a laxative effect – so if you’re having a few problems with that part of your digestive system, maybe you could give this “recipe” a go.

Simply – spread on a baking tray shreds of coconut meat.   (I bought mine at Bin Inn Nelson, from the bulk bins).  Heat the oven to 160 Celcius  and bake gently, tossing them occasionally.  Make sure you keep a keen eye on them, they can burn very quickly.  I have left these chips plain – but you can add a dash of Himalayan rock salt or herbed salt afterwards.

Some people toss the coconut in Virgin Coconut Oil first, which is an excellent idea if are trying to get more Virgin Coconut Oil into your daily food intake.

Coconut meat or Virgin Coconut Oil, eaten straight off the spoon, makes a great snack when you want something sweet or to help your digestive system a little.

Did you know that in India, it is common practice to only eat coconut for a day, if you need to expel worms?   Oh the humble coconut, it has so much to offer us.

Coconut Chips, a snack without guilt
Coconut Chips, a snack without guilt





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