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Coconut Oil and Hair Straighteners a safe combination?

I don’t have first-hand experience of the dilemma curly haired people are faced with on a daily basis – taming curls or trying to straighten them. However I do have a number of customers with fly-away hair and super curly curls that wouldn’t be without their jar of Virgin Coconut Oil in the bathroom. They tell me that just a small amount on the palm of their hand, lightly swept over the offending hair, put it in its place.


I would have thought that using hair straighteners after applying coconut oil to the hair could end in disaster. Last week, one of our regular users of our multi-purpose Virgin Coconut Oil told me about the success she was having with using the oil in her hair before straightening it. She wanted to convince me, so sent me some photos.  Here’s how she does it.  Hair is not damaged and remains smooth and sleek for the day.


Virgin Coconut Oil will tame those curls
Virgin Coconut Oil used prior to using hair straighteners, achieving the perfect look.


For a deep conditioning treatment, put Virgin Coconut Oil in your hair, cover with a shower cap or an old hat, to generate some heat, allowing the Virgin Coconut Oil to penetrate the hair shaft. Leave in for about half an hour or overnight (putting a towel on your pillow might be a good idea) and then wash as usual.


Summer is just around the corner for us in New Zealand, so here’s a tip for you. If you spend a lot of time in salt water, your hair dries out fairly rapidly. Avoid that by putting a little oil in your hair before hitting the beach or the surf. Wash out as usual at the end of the day. No more surfer’s frizz for you.


For children with  curly hair it can be a daily battle taming their locks.  Just a small amount of oil warmed in the palm of your hand is enough to get the brush through their mane, giving a nice gloss as an added bonus.

Virgin Coconut Oil to tame curls
Curly hair under control with Virgin Coconut Oil


Nature you have all the best answers.


375ml jar of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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