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Coconutty Lime Slice with Virgin Coconut Oil of course

A few weeks ago I made a commitment to buddy up with a friend and take part in an 8 week buddy challenge at the gym!  It’s been 115 days since I last stepped over the threshold of the gym, where I once was considered a regular.   Will they recognise me now? I’m fortunate to be buddied up with a gregarious lady who will no doubt encourage me to stick with the plan, but I still need to prepare myself on many levels!   I have a sweet tooth – sometimes it’s a little sweeter than others, so I like to a have a healthy alternative as my “go to food” when the urge takes me.  In preparation for the big day on Monday, I knew I had to have “clean” food in the fridge as my snack.

Coconut Bars
Coconutty Lime Slice



A friend had posted this recipe on her business Facebook page, so with a little adaptation, I’ve now created Coconutty Lime Slice.

2 cups of nuts (I used roasted almonds, although I think sunflower seeds would work well too)

1 cup of dried dates

3/4 cup of dessicated coconut

3 teaspoons of Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil (melted)

Zest & juice of about 2 limes (or lemons)

Place nuts in a food processor – whizz until they have begun to break up – it is a noisy job!  Add the dates and mix/chop until blended and of a fine texture.   This will take about 1 minute.   Add coconut and Virgin Coconut Oil.  Pulse to blend together.  If you think the mixture isn’t going to bind together well enough, add another teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil.  Line a baking tin (approx. 10cm x 20cm with baking paper; pour in the mixture, press down firmly and place in fridge to set.   Simply lift out the paper onto a flat surface and cut into slices.  Store in the fridge.

How easy is that?

Now to stick with the plan and watch my transformation.

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