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Coffee Lovers Rejoice

Vanuatu’s Tanna Island grown coffee has arrived at Lav Kokonas HQ.   We have a limited supply of ORGANIC volcano-fertilised (nature does it best) BEYOND fair trade coffee.


200g ground beans Pack for a SPECIAL price of $7.50 per pack – freight is $4 for up to 3 packs – New Zealand wide.

This is X grade coffee – hence the SPECIAL price.  What this means is the beans were in slightly less than perfect condition when whole – either chipped or broken beans – such is the quality of the Yasur Mountain Coffee, those beans are not sold in their premium range.   You will still enjoy the full flavour of this single origin coffee.

Freight FREE for orders of 5 packs or more – New Zealand wide

Great value for a great coffee.  Make your orders by emailing Belinda on [email protected]


Those of you who are savvy about where your food comes from, you will be aware that there is alas, much inequity for the people at the heart of industries especially in the world of the 3 Big C’s – Coffee, Cocoa and Coconut.   Please take a look at this INCREDIBLE story about what a New Zealand family have done to assist farmers on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu.  Long term relationships have been developed which is making a substantial impact across Tanna.

To find out more about how this kiwi family are working with Tanna Island farmers click here, but here is a wee snippet.

“Our Single Origin coffee is a true reflection of the farmers lives who live and grow coffee in Vanuatu. We work with the farmers and import directly from Co-Op’s on the Island, creating a transparent Direct Trade relationship, assisting the fragile economy on Tanna Island.”  So you coffee lovers come and get it.  Help Lav Kokonas pay it forward in Vanuatu by supporting Yasur Mountain Coffee and the Tanna Island Coffee Project.


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