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Empowerment has many faces

Empowerment of women can happen on many levels and has many faces.

In terms of empowerment with Mamma’s Laef, people tend to think of the “empowerment” being, “having access to good menstrual hygiene pads”,  or “receiving education / awareness”.  Mamma’s Laef can provide empowerment for the end-user.   This is true, but I also think that empowerment can be seen behind the scenes.

We had been very busy from July through to September and required more help.   Linda from Pango Village,  agreed to help us.  Her sewing skills were limited, but she is a willing and able woman and was able to work on other parts of the process of making our washable sanitary pad kits.

Linda wanted to earn some smol vatu;  saving to travel to attend her son’s graduation, which was to be held in North Efate.   Roselyne was also travelling to Onesua College to witness her daughter graduating.

Roselyne with her daughter, and Mary at Onesua College – Year 13 students graduation 2017.

Linda has achieved that goal.   She was able to travel to the graduation.

Linda and her son at Onesua College.

Is this empowerment?   I’m fairly certain it is.

Thanks Linda, we enjoy having you as part of our team.

As I say, empowerment has many faces.

Mi lukim yu


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