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Give A Little goes LIVE for Mamma’s Laef

An easy way to support Mamma’s Laef

After much thought, consideration and advice taken from various people, I have gone ahead and created and had approved, a Give A Little page (NZ based) for those who want to “buy a kit” of washable sanitary pads for girls in school in Vanuatu.

The Give A Little Page will provide a quick and easy way for those of you in New Zealand who want to support girls in Vanuatu..  The Give A Little page will also provide a trusted means for those who aren’t familiar with the background of Mamma’s Laef.

Donations can be made of any value, however, $20 is the cost of one kit.

Each kit,  contained in a zip lock bag (for soiled pads), consists of  2 shields and 8 liners and lasts for approximately 3 years, when cared for properly.

Washable Sanitary Pad kits made up of 2 shields and 8 liners
Washable Sanitary Pad Kit

Distribution of the kits will be made by the Mamma’s Laef team into schools in which we have developed connections.  Menstrual and Reproductive health education will be included in the distribution.


Sharing is Caring

Through the Lav Kokonas network,  in the first half of 2016, we received enough donations to enable Mamma’s Laef to provide 116 girls with washable sanitary pad kits, during my September visit to Vanuatu this year.

Give A Little page enables New Zealanders to support girls remain in full time education in Vanuatu
Delivering kits and education at Ulei School – September 2016

Think what we can do when the network spreads even further.


Please share far and wide via your own social media or email networks.  You can share directly from the home page on the Give A Little page; by hitting the icons for Twitter and Facebook

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Mamma’s Laef is not a registered charity in New Zealand, therefore unable to offer tax deductible certificates.   However, be assured that 100% of the donations go towards the provision of quality menstrual health tools and education.


Thanks for your support.

Mi lukim yu

Belinda and the Mammas Laef team in Vanuatu

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