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Hobby glasses making a difference in Vanuatu

Surely, it’s not that difficult.  It never used to be, but as I get older, 51 years old now, my eyes simply cannot see the needle clearly enough to be able to thread it!


After the age of about 45, vision gets weaker, particularly in relation to close up work, like reading.  I need to take my reading glasses with me when I go out now to read labels at the supermarket or for a multitude of other daily tasks.


This got me thinking about the sanitary systems project sewing team. I knew that most of the women who were planning on attending the workshops, were of a similar age to myself and perhaps they would have similar issues to me – how to thread a needle when you can’t see the thread.

In August I needed to update my own glasses prescription, so asked the optician if the inexpensive Hobby Glasses were okay for those who have age related vision deterioration for reading. He said yes, they are just fine.

Because I was unsure who would arrive at the workshop, I armed myself with about 20 pairs of these hobby glasses.   They were DEFINITELY well received and actually essential for the project to run.   They were purchased from one of the $2 Shops – strength 1.5 were the most popular.   They gave just enough magnification for the threading of needles!   The remainder of the glasses I dropped off at a village in North Efate where there is a medical clinic, so hopefully those glasses have found some eyes to help.

Hobby Glasses
Hobby Glasses make such a difference

This next trip, yes, you guessed it, more glasses to be taken with me.

So think about it – if you are visiting Vanuatu and want to take something with you that will make a difference and you are of that “age range”, maybe inexpensive hobby glasses will make the kind of difference you would hope it would.

Mi lukim yu




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