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How to change the world …

One random act of kindness at a time

In September this year, the Mamma’s Laef team met with Pauline Grindley from the Nabanga Pikinini Trust.
Pauline presented to Mammas Laef, funds on behalf of the John Bent Memorial Fund but also gave Mary a bislama version of Nabanga Pikinini (kastom stories, adapted for pikinini).
Mary from Mammas Laef with a bislama version of Nabanga Pikinini
Yesterday, after the Mammas Laef team finished their day of hosting many guests and sewing our kits, they told me about their day and then this …

” Each week, after our sewing day,  one of the mamma’s borrow the Nabanaga Pikinini book for the week. They read the stories to their kids and grandchildren at night when they are ready for bed.  They really enjoy the kastom stories, some of which they have never heard before.  We love reading stories of Vanuatu. “

 Mamma's Laef and Nabanga Pikinini collaboration
Hearing this, made my day.
The power of education.
The power of sharing and working together.
Thanks Pauline Grindley for the work that you do to promote education in Vanuatu, and for the legacy of these beautiful books.  
In a world caught up in much negativity, I love hearing stories that exhibit the concept of a Random Act of Kindness or as I refer to it –  Paying it Forward – and this time, it is in Vanuatu.
Mi lukim yu
Narawan Private Retreat, Vanuatu

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