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With a little help from my friends

| Who would have thought |

During another Lav Kokonas initiated project, I met a man who “got” what I was doing with the Mamma’s Laef project. He wanted to help in some way so I could achieve some of the initial goals.   Thus commenced a happy friendship between the two of us. One of which I might not have encountered otherwise.  We are both keen on up-cycling, re-purposing and re-cycling materials where-at-all possible.   We found common ground in menstruation.   Who would have thought.


This kind man who has lived his life impacting the planet as little as possible, kindly donated funds towards the fabric costs.   I had placed an order for a large volume of flannelette for the washable sanitary pad kits – and he agreed to contribute towards this.   The order arrived just before Christmas.



Germany – Vanuatu – New Zealand connection

Another fortunate meeting was that with a young lass travelling around New Zealand.   She came to stay at Lav Kokonas HQ over the Christmas break and helped with a few jobs around the place.   Luci was also interested in living a low environmental impact lifestyle, so when I explained to her about Mamma’s Laef in Vanuatu, she was keen to help out.


Four days we spent cutting , washing, drying, folding, and packing, ready for shipping; hundreds of metres of fabric.   As there wasn’t enough space on my own clothes line, I “borrowed” my neighbours clothes line. Another opportunity to spread the story of the washable sanitary pad project, not only with my neighbours but also those I met at the laundromat.   What a lucky find that was, being able to wash 22kg of fabric in one machine – a lot quicker than using my washing machine at home.


orange-fabric-on-floor-ready-for-cutting     bags-ready-for-washing-machine



luci-and-purple-fabric-2 luci-and-pink-fabric

Kiwanis have once again, generously offered to ship some of the boxes to Vanuatu for Mamma’s Laef.   The New Zealand arm of Kiwanis have supported education in Vanuatu for many years, and as the majority of our kits are going into schools, Kiwanis New Zealand were happy to support us.


Teamwork is what it takes.

Thanks to everyone who have helped in this latest round of tasks.


Mi lukium yu


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