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Made in Asia Souvenirs in Vanuatu, coming to an end?

Coconut Gold
An edible souvenir from Vanuatu

Oh what a relief to read this article.   I know that we are not alone in observing the high number of made-in-Asia goods for sale in Vanuatu.

Mamma’s who buy trinkets to on-sell to tourists, are trying to provide their families with a small  income and of course many tourists want to support the Mamma’s, but would prefer to have something locally crafted, or at least with some local content.  With tourism being such a vital part of the Vanuatu economy, to see a plan in place to support the supply of locally produced souvenirs is an exciting prospect for ni Vanuatu.   Trinkets may not be the only thing that tourists want to take home – quality food products always make welcome gifts.   Coconut Gold made on Araki Island, is one such gift I love to give myself when returning to New Zealand.

Check out the full article here.


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