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Mathematics books – revisiting donations to Vanuatu

Do you recall one of the earlier projects of Lav Kokonas was arranging to send 100kg of Year 10-13 Mathematics Text books to Vanuatu?

The text books were received in 2013 from Nelson College for Girls, and shipped to Vanuatu  in 2014.

The majority of the text books were sent to Matevulu College in Santo (apparently not badly affected by the recent cyclone), some to Onesua Presbyterian College on Efate, some to Elue School on Efate and some to Epi High School.

Mathematics text books arrive at Matevulu College
Students don’t always have their “own” text book – now they do

Sadly, 13 March 2015  saw a catastrophic weather event that has decimated many homes, schools and businesses across Vanuatu.   Epi High School and Onesua High School are two that we are aware of that have been badly damaged.  Below is a photo of Onesua College post-Cyclone Pam – copied from a Facebook post (sorry I can’t acknowledge the owner of the photo, as not listed).   The top photo is of Onesua College as I recall it, when I visited in 2014, just across the road from a beautiful beach.  The destruction of Cyclone Pam is a tragedy for the communities and families who place so much importance of education of their pikinini.

Cyclone Pam’s damage will require large quantities of resources for many schools across Vanuatu.  Re-stocking of resources will be on a huge scale.   There will be many opportunities now for us all to assist in some way.


Cyclone Pam has left a terrible path of destruction
2014 on a beautiful day at Onesua Presbyterian College


Damage after Cyclone Pam at Onesua Presbyterian College
Damage after Cyclone Pam at Onesua Presbyterian College.

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