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Medical Equipment to Vanuatu – September update

There was a surplus of $652 from the donations made for the shipment of the two containers to Vanuatu.

With the permission of the donors, I took the funds to Vanuatu with me in September and gave to Julie from the Vanuatu Amputee Association (seen here on the right – with Cindy who was assisting the group at the time), to be used for the transportation of items in the containers. This will allow for some of items to be distributed further into more remote areas.   A great result, so thanks once again to those donors.


I popped into see the “navy” shipping container.   Unfortunately it was still loaded, as the Vila Central Hospital hadn’t sent their trucks and staff to unload it.  I’m not quite sure what the issue is, perhaps island time, but one has to be patient and it will happen, no need to worry.   You can see the crate on the left hand side with some pink paint on it – that’s  the operating table we were able to include in the container.


The second container that was sent by commercial carriers, arrived on 1st September, and was still held at the wharf, awaiting the necessary paperwork etc, etc. There are major developments at the wharf so I understand there are even more delays than usual, with containers being released.


The good news was that Roshan, a visiting prosthetist from Nepal was on site and training Chem, the ni Vanuatu team member, in the art of modifying and fitting prosthetic limbs.  This is going to make a measureable difference for Vanuatu.

img_20160916_161222 img_20160916_161237 img_20160916_162659 img_20160916_162707

Check out this short video of a recent recipient of a new prosthetic limb – John is able to walk for the first time in 6 years!     This is the impact being made by having locally sourced, individually tailored prosthetic limbs available.  What a huge difference this must make to not only the individual but also their family, village and wider community.   For a more detailed view, check out this video.

Julie and Mick Shugg and some of their team, are regulars at the Port Vila wharf, where they accept donations.    Donations of not only medical consumables, such as bandages, antiseptic cream, etc., but also cash to use in one of their three groups that they operate to support ni Vanuatu at grass roots level. Their help is always benefiting directly the end users. One of their focus groups is around education about diabetes and the types of foods that cause over time diabetes.  Unfortunately in the case of too many in Vanuatu, limb amputation is required as a direct result of diabetes.

If you are “cruising” into Port Vila, then take a few items that will be of use to the health and wellbeing of ni Vanuatu – I know the donations will be gratefully received.   Keep up the great work Vanuatu Amputee Association, Aelan Soa Kea and Diabetes Vanuatu.





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