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Men’s Talk – Answering the call from the United Nations

As they celebrate 75 years

We were asked to ask the question, what is the Pacific future that we want.

The answer was simple to us.

Building healthy relationships through men’s talk.

We work in a space (menstruation or sikmun) that responds to many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, yet the topic still struggles to be heard.

Receiving this grant to develop a story telling vehicle and revise our mens education programme, was a long awaited opportunity.

In 2017, Jack helped develop a programme to share with men. We started to open up the conversation with men and menstruation in early 2018.

Jack has taken that message to 9 islands so far, and the response has been encouraging.

Given the chance, yes men did want to chat about sikmun.

Delivered in a sensitive and culturally appropriate way.

We would like to publicly acknowledge our friends who helped us make this record. The stars of the video, Kalpep, Ralph, Sope, Jameson, Fred, Aminio, Georgilla, Florida, Gwenda, Leimara and our team Maryse, Mary and Jack. We thank you for your couarge in speaking out. May you be role models for those who want some of that courage.

To the team at SAVVY Vanuatu – Lisa and Florida and to Gina from Starlight Photography, your experience was invaluable to us. This truly was a great collaboration.

We will keep the conversation alive. We still have a lot of communities and men to join us. That is one of our goals. To train other men in presenting this programme within their own communities.

The womens programme and mens programme can sit side by side. Providing an answer to this call.

We are grateful for this opportunity.

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