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Namoru Village Kindergarten

Baby Angus will start kindergarten in 3 years

Baby Angus on trike

I have started building up a few Vanuatu-suitable resources for Namoru Kindergarten.   (Namoru is the village of Johnas, and it’s where some the coconuts grow that are used to make our delicious Virgin Coconut Oil.   Baby Angus is Johnas’ son).   This little boy is my motivation to resource the sparsely equippped Namoru Kindergarten.

There are many villages across Vanuatu that do not have a kindergarten, so Namoru is forward thinking in that respect.   The basic building is there, but little in the way of learning materials.   Some of the chalk and chalkboards Lav Kokonas sent to Namoru in 2015 are being used in the Kindy.

Inside Namoru Kindergarten

Motueka Sunday Market has been a great resource for me, as locals clean out their unwanted toys.   I enjoy being able to re-home things, we can be so wasteful in New Zealand – so any chance to grab a bargain at trash and treasure sales are welcomed.   It’s in Motueka that I’ve managed to find, for only a few dollars, some great wooden puzzles and robust plastic musical instruments.

TOYS for Namoru Kindergarten

Peppertree Preschool in Rangiora  kindly donated some learning tools that were surplus to their requirements.   The owner of the Preschool is a friend of a friend, and you know how it goes.  People talk, isn’t it great.   🙂   Thanks so much Peppertree Preschool. Peppertree puzzles

Peppertree Preschool building blocks


In the western world, the value of early childhood education is acknowledged, and in New Zealand our curriculum is world-renowned.  My own children had the most fantastic introduction to education via the New Zealand Kindergarten system.   I want some of that for the pikinini (children) of Namoru.   Watch this You Tube footage of the pikinini singing.   How can you resist their enthusiasm?

Kindy kids looking through the walls of the Kindergarten building.

Good things take time, but eventually I will get the box of resources to Namoru, where one day, little Angus will attend.

Mi lukim yu


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