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Nelson Hospital medical equipment finding new homes

Equipment being re-homed all over Vanuatu

I received a lovely email from Annie, physiotherapist at the Vila Central Hospital.    Annie arranged 2 truckloads of gear from the shipping containers sent to Vanuatu in mid 2016.   Here’s her inventory.

  • Distributed 3 Bags of pillow cases to 13 unit sectors in VCH (2 bags left)
  • 2 Physiotherapy beds
  • 4 wheel chairs (3 adults & 1 child)
  • 1 cot and 3 stroller given to children’s ward
  • 1 toilet chair given to Children’s ward
  • 30 pairs of elbow crutches for Physio
  • 3 pairs of axilla crutches for Physio
  • 3 bags of curtains distributed to laundry, physio, and dental clinic.
  • 1 auto cleft
  • 1 toilet chair given to Disability Desk for a disabled person to use
  • 1 Hoist for Children’s ward
  • 1 suction pump given to Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic
  • 2 dressing trays given to ENT clinic and Surgical ward
  • Colostomy Bags (Boxes) given to theater, surgical wards and children’s ward
  • 1 step for physio rehab
  • Pillows- 2 ENT clinics, 2 theater, 2 pangi health center(South Pentecost), 3 Physio
  • 3 Occupational therapy stool for Physio
  • 1 file cabinet given to ENT
  • Bed side tables- 6 Surgical, 3 medical ward
  • 3 semi-circle tables given to 3 intern doctors to use
  • 3bags of bandages rolled and distributed evenly to Surgical, Medical, Peads, Emergency, Child OPD, general OPD
  • 1 bag bandages given to Pangi health center(South Pentecost)
  • 1 bed pan given to Pangi health center (South Pentecost, 3 to patients in ward)
  • 15 pillowcases and 4 sheets given Pangi health center(South Pentecost
  • 1 Dental suction given to Dental Unit
  • 1 urn for Physio
  • 2 beds, pillow case and sheets given to Namburu Antenatal Clinic

Annie goes on to write “Thank you again for your kind heartfelt donations to the Vila central hospital.   The other items, ie. Beds and mattresses that were left were distributed by Jonas from the Ministry of Health to the Health Centers and dispensaries around Efate and to the islands. There are still pillow cases, bandages, sheets and curtains in our storage room which we plan to divide and distribute evenly to all wards again by end of this month”.

Annie, you are so efficient – I’m so pleased to have received a full inventory of what was delivered to the Vila Central Hospital and which items have been rehomed where.   I’m sure the donors of the equipment and those who funded the shipment will be pleased to see and hear this news.


In addition to all this, I received a message from Rex Turi, the nurse from Lelepa Island with some photos and one of the end users of a wheelchair.    This is so encouraging.

There were literally hundreds of hours that went into this project, by so many people, in New Zealand and Vanuatu;  to see it all coming to fruition, is very satisfying indeed.   New homes – excellent results!


Mi lukim yu



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