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NEW to our range: 20ml Tamanu Oil :Pump bottle:

Handy 20ml size now available

Just the right size:

  • to test out the wonders that Tamanu Oil can do for your skin
  • to take tramping – to deal with those pesky insect bites
  • to deal with pimples straight away
  • to take travelling
  • to give as a gift
  • to treat small areas such as age spots on the back of hands


Tamanu nuts on beach GREEN


Tamanu Oil has been used traditionally by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years as a topical skin remedy. The oil is used externally by Pacifica women to promote healthy, smooth skin. They also use it on their babies to prevent nappy rash.  Cosmetic companies use Tamanu Oil in the preparation of regenerative creams, for its soothing qualities and for its ability to improve skin elasticity, tone, firmness and appearance.

The fruits of the Tamanu tree are collected from the ground after they have naturally fallen from the tree, they are then cracked open, the kernel is dried in the sun, for a month or so, it turns a deep, chocolate brown, and becomes sticky with a rich oil. The oil is then extracted from the dark kernels. The harvesting practice has no negative impact on the ecology of the tree and provides a positive contribution to small village economies. This is one of the reasons that Lav Kokonas decided to bring this precious oil to New Zealand. The oil is cold pressed in a small factory in northern Vanuatu. The resulting Tamanu Oil has a rich texture and greenish-amber colour.

Tamanu Oil is extracted from tree nuts. It is strongly recommended that anyone with an allergy to nuts, or who has a life-threatening allergy to nuts should consult their doctor prior to use. If anyone using this oil experiences itching, redness, irritation, or other adverse effects, discontinue use.

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Mi lukim yu



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