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NZ Women’s Weekly print Lav Kokonas story


New Zealand Women’s Weekly have printed a wonderful story about the Washable Sanitary Pads project in Vanuatu.

Go get yourself a copy and have a read.

Since the initial meeting with the journalist in mid November, the project has definitely moved forward, and we are now in Phase 3 of the project.

Large orders are pending.   This has meant a plan was required to speed up production in Vanuatu.   A manually operated fabric cutting machine is needed and will be our largest capital outlay, which I am struggling to fund.

If you want to come on board and help the Mamma’s Laef team, be sure to contact me on [email protected]


Thanks from the Mamma’s and I  to all those who have helped the project get to this stage so rapidly.

Days for Girls NZ, USA and Australia, ex-pats in Vanuatu, numerous “friends of Vanuatu” in Australia, Kiwanis NZ & Vanuatu and Non Government Organisations who can see the value in this approach to assisting women’s health.



Mi lukim yu



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