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Organic Sandalwood in New Zealand

The precious Organic Sandalwood Oil from Vanuatu is reminiscent of both East Indian and Australian Sandalwood oil. The aroma is , rich, woody, warm and sweet and also at a fraction of the cost – now that is inviting.

Organic Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austrocaledonicum ) from the island of Erromango in Vanuatu is fast becoming a preferred choice of sandalwood experts.  (Erromango is one of the worst affected islands, by Cyclone Pam in March 2015.  Lav Kokonas has supported the regeneration of their gardens with donation of Organic seeds).

Sandalwood Oil is widely used in cosmetic and perfumery industries and by skin care formulators.  The essential oil of Sandalwood contains antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-spasmodic characteristics. Sandalwood has been used in the South Pacific islands for over hundreds of years, where it has been used for perfumery and burning, to create a relaxing ambiance.

East Indian Sandalwood is known as the crème de le crème of Sandalwood Oils, but not everyone can afford the exorbitant price tag that goes with it.  Try this comparable Sandalwood Oil from the pristine isles of Vanuatu, at a fraction of the cost, and I’m sure you will be pleased with your choice.


Juvenille Sandalwood Tree

Here’s a quick list from the Mercola Website, of things that I didn’t know about Sandalwood Oil until very recently:

  • Sandalwood Oil is Antiseptic – This oil is a good antiseptic agent and is safe for both internal and external application. It helps protect internal wounds and ulcers from infections; when applied to skin, it protects wounds, sores, boils, and pimples from getting infected.
  • Sandalwood Oil is Anti-inflammatory – The essential oil and paste are effective as anti-inflammatory agents. They have a cooling effect and relieve all types of brain, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and excretory system inflammation, which result from infections, fevers, antibiotic side effects, insect bites, wounds, and poisoning.
  • Sandalwood Oil is Antispasmodic – This oil works against spasms and contractions by relaxing nerves, muscles, and blood vessels.
  • Sandalwood Oil is an Astringent – Although very mild, sandalwood oil can induce contractions in your gums, muscles, and skin, offering benefits like better muscle strength and a tighter skin.
  • Sandalwood Oil can be used as a Deodorant – There are individuals who use sandalwood oil to relieve body odor.
  • Sandalwood Oil is can be used as Disinfectant – Its fragrance keeps microbes and small insects away, which is why it is widely used in incense sticks, sprays, fumigants, and evaporators for disinfecting large areas.
  • Sandalwood Oil is Emollient – It soothes skin, relieves inflammation and irritation, cures infections, and promotes a fresh, cool feeling.
  • Sandalwood Oil can be used as an Expectorant – It is specifically effective in treating coughs, but it also fights the infections that cause the cough, cold, flu, or mumps.
  • Sandalwood Oil is a Memory booster – Sandalwood oil improves memory and stimulates concentration. It keeps your brain cool and relaxed, and saves you from unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Sandalwood Oil can be used as a Tonic – It is soothing on your stomach and the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, helping them function harmoniously.

We are selling 10ml bottles for $65 – a very competitive rate and you can be assured this is definitely a Fairly Traded product.

Mi lukim yu


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