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Supersize my Virgin Coconut Oil please

Now available in a whopping 5 Litre Bucket.

For those who use a lot of this delicious, fairly traded Virgin Coconut Oil from Vanuatu.


On SALE for a limited time.   Usually $165, now $155 (click this link)  of deliciousness.


Johnas, is one of the farmers responsible for tending the coconut plantations.    Lav Kokonas were able to support Johnas through the Vanuatu Agricultural College in 2014 thanks to our customers.   A minimum of 10% of our profits go back into a variety of projects in Vanuatu.   Education is key to getting a hand-up in life.

The farmers of our coconuts take great care in ensuring that only the best quality coconuts are cut to be included in the Virgin Coconut Oil that is made from fresh, not 4 or 5 day old dried coconut meat.

When only the best will do – buying Virgin Coconut Oil means that there are no nasty chemicals used in the oil extraction process.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


2015-10-09 15.13.22

Do you recognise the beach?

It’s Port Olry and features on our labels.   A francophone (French speaking) village, just up the road from Johnas’ in-laws home.

Santo is one of the northern islands of Vanuatu  – you will see it featuring on the Santo Travel website.

If you are thinking of a tropical holiday?  Think no further.   We have the answer for you right here.


Mi lukim yu


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