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Our Treasure

Like kava

We must treasure our women

Continuing our journey with men, we are asking them to walk along side us, to smash taboo around menstruation.

Since 2018, Jack has visited many islands in Vanuatu and spoken to hundreds of young and old men. Given the chance, these men have been very interested in the topic of sikmun.

Of course, there has been some shyness and awkwardness.

Not many men have been given the opportunity to simply storian (chat) about something so natural and normal.

However, once the conversation starts, if flows easily.

It’s a call that is being made right across the Pacific and in Vanuatu, we are doing something about it.

Enjoy part 1 of a series of movies we have produced to answer the question put to us by UN75 – What is the Pacific future you want.

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