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Palm Project Soap arrived from Vanuatu

The yacht has arrived in New Zealand from Vanuatu, the soaps have been hand shaved and wrapped and delivered to my doorstep.

Yes, these very popular soaps are now back in stock.

How exciting for Lav Kokonas – you know how we roll!   We love to “pay it forward in Vanuatu” and by supporting the Palm Project we are doing just that.

The Palm Project is a community based programme initially formed to make soap to assist with the eradication of the increasing cases of scabies, louse and skin infections. The soap has become so valued that Palm Project is now in phase two of the project and hopes to turn the soap making into a business that will improve the livelihoods of the whole community.   Based on the remote island of Uluveu, this Project has stood the test of time and made a tangible and considerable difference to the lives of those living on Uluveu.  Liane from the NZ Trust says “The wonderful healing qualities of the coconut oil, combined with other locally sourced, natural ingredients, has meant that we have been able to produce a soap which has amazing health benefits far beyond the eradication of scabies. Everyone who uses the soap notices the extraordinary yet gentle cleansing qualities of the product. The people of Uluveu’s extensive knowledge of the local natural products and their healing qualities have enabled us to create a unique soap.”

You can help Lav Kokonas support this project by purchasing the hand crafted coconut oil based soaps.

Lav Kokonas covers it’s costs by selling these soaps – no profits are held by the Auckland based Trust – all the funds go back to the soap-makers.    We have a combo-gift pack available this Christmas – so take  a look at our shop.


Made with coconut and tamanu oil
Palm Project Tamanu Soap is fairly traded
Cacao Soap
Palm Project Cacao Exfoliating Soap

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