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Peace Corp Volunteer Vanuatu

…..   came to stay last week.

Standing at the Nelson market, a young lass from the USA noticed the “Paying it forward in Vanuatu” signage and commented, “Oh, Vanuatu, I’ve just come from there”.


As you do, well I do, we started to chat, and funnily enough; Megan had worked in Vanuatu for about 2 years.   She knew people that I knew … and so the connection began.


Megan had recently finished her posting on the tiny island of Paama in Vanuatu.

Paama is an island which had captured my interest late last year when Sue from Pacific Pathways commenced rebuilding schools and building new kindergartens on the badly damaged island in the wake of Cyclone Pam.   Remote and not easily accessible, it seemed like the perfect location to “sponsor a girl menstruation” project.


For me it was a wonderful opportunity to find out more from Megan about how the project can maximise its potential on Paama. Part of the campaign in New Zealand to “Sponsor a girl” will mean that not only can we visit Epi but also the small neighbouring island of Paama.

For Megan, her stay with me was a chance to enjoy some home comforts after living in a remote location.   We spent the evening storian, as they say in Vanuatu.   It was a whirlwind stay, but Megan was able to help me with some translation of documents for the Mamma’s Laef group; give me some updates on how to manage the journey to Paama; locations of schools and suggestions around delivery of the sponsored kits.


Megan Peace Corp worker


And then, Megan went on her way, exploring a little more of another island, the South Island of  New Zealand.


Sometimes you just need to open up to opportunities that are there before us, even at the little Nelson Market on a Saturday morning.


Can you spot Paama on this map?

MAP of Vanuatu islands

Mi lukim yu




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