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Pepper supplies have arrived

It has been a rather long road for us to secure our first shipment of Whole Black Peppercorns, Whole White Peppercorns and Hot Chile (ground) but the wait was certainly worth it.

Whole Black Peppercorns – the colour is dark and the aroma intense. A staple ingredient in any pantry.

Pepper is best ground directly on to food. With hot food it is best to add it well towards the end of the cooking process, to preserve its aroma.

Whole White Peppercorns – the crème de le crème of the pepper world. When you don’t want the flecks of black pepper in your food – perhaps in a white sauce or freshly cracked over your meal. Chefs tell us, they are loving using this intensely flavoured pepper.

Did you know that White Pepper is in fact the whole dried peppercorn with the outer layer still in tact?  It’s taste is  less pungent than whole black peppercorns, grown and processed to meet Certified Organic procedures

HOT Chile – warning! Yes it is hot, a little goes a very long way. You have been warned, or maybe that is just the kiwi taste buds. Try it and let us know what you think. Even the aroma is good for clearing the sinuses.


These are all premium products and so economical as the quantity you need to use is a lot less than your supermarket brands.


Venui  peppercorns undergo curing and processing within a few hours of harvesting.  Purpose built solar tunnel dryers are used to rapidly dry the fruit.  This guarantees the preservation of the pepper’s taste, sight, smell, and touch, resulting in a final product of very high quality.  Chefs tell us, they love it.


NOW AVAILALBE from Lav Kokonas – “paying it forward in Vanuatu”

Whole White and Whole Black Peppercorns with Hot Chile

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