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Quilters – Vanuatu – Gratitude


Another milestone has been reached.   101 girls will now be issued with full kits later this year, by our Mamma’s Laef group.  We are still working on exact details, as we don’t want to double up with any other group who has assisted.  It all takes time and loads of emails 🙂  This campaign will be ongoing so we can reach out to as many young girls as possible.

I am very grateful to all those who have donated $20.

I had approached the local Quilters’ Guild early this year and asked if they had any unwanted cotton fabric, that I could re-home  to the washable sanitary pad project.   They asked if I would like to come along to their meeting and explain what the project was all about.   So this week, that’s what happened.   They were interested in the project and generously donated piles of fabulous fabric for both the shields and liners.   Not only that, but two of the members gave $20 each to the “sponsor a girl” campaign, and the group donated a quilters’ cutting mat.   That mat will speed up the cutting of the liners.   AMAZING.

Look at all these colours, aren’t they fabulous.   So bright and interesting.   Just perfect to make beautiful sanitary pad kits to give to girls in Vanuatu.   I am certain these will brighten the day of the girls who will be the recipients of these “Made in Vanuatu” washable sanitary pads.

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I’m feeling grateful here in New Zealand, that so many people have a heart for the team in Vanuatu, the  Mamma’s Laef Washable Sanitary Pad project.

Mi lukim yu



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