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Raw Ginger Cashew and Date Slice with Virgin Coconut Oil icing

Okay, okay, I know – this is a variation on a theme, but the “icing” is the thing that those who tasted our test-case morsels kept telling me, was the clincher!   Here’s another refined-sugar-free recipe with the goodness of Ginger and Virgin Coconut Oil (a powerful combination).   Thanks to fellow Market-Stallholder Janine from The Italian Kitchen for sharing this recipe that she loves.


 Put in food processor

2 cups raw cashews

1 cup dates

2 tablespoons of water

1 teaspoon Venui Ground Ginger – of course you can purchase it from our website!

When mixed enough, press into a lined dish and place in fridge to “set”.


For a thin layer use:

3 Tablespoons of Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon honey

(if you want to be really indulgent – then you can double the quantity of honey and Virgin Coconut Oil)

Melt both together in a pot then  add 1 teaspoon or 2 teaspoons of Venui Ground Ginger – depending on your taste.

Let cool slightly, then using an electric beater, beat all together for about 3-4 minutes – it will thicken slightly.

Pour over the base, put in freezer to harden.

Once hard, cut into pieces and leave in the fridge or freezer in an air tight container.

Its so delicious and GINGER is a great healer, so all the more reason to try this EASY recipe out.

Creamy and delicious icing
Got to try this one


As always  … enjoy without guilt.





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