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Schools back, Mamma’s are into action

The long school holidays are over in Vanuatu,

So it’s time to give you a quick update about the distribution of washable sanitary pad kits in and around Vanuatu.


Students finishing their school holidays will have made their way back to school, some travelling from their home islands to continue their education.  Mary and Marise will be off to Tanna, in the south of the Vanuatu archipelago, (the home of Yasur Mountain Coffee).  Invited by CARE International to deliver education and menstrual hygiene kits.

After that trip, our team will be visiting a school on the outskirts of Port Vila to deliver the kits provided by the John Bent Memorial Fund (Funds were received in September 2016 to keep girls in education).


In the second round of sponsorships by New Zealanders, there have been 70 kits sponsored so far.  We are aiming for 100 kits (or more) so we can visit one of the larger schools in Efate where ALL the girls and female teachers will receive a kit.  If you, or your friends have an interest in supporting us financially, we’d love to be able to get over that 100 threshold, click on the link to Give A Little where you can donate as much as you like.   $20 buys a complete kit and the education that is needed too.  All donations are gratefully received.


We have received a donation of funds to allow us to develop a workshop in an ex-refrigerated shipping container.   All the work has been completed by registered businesses.   Andre from Home Improvements, with his team, have been a great help in suggesting, cost effective methods to meet our needs, whilst still complying with health and safety standards.   South Pacific Electrical completed the electrical work and donated their time during this fitout – THANKS.   The very, very heavy rains being experienced (it is the wet season 😀 ), haven’t helped finishing this project, resulting in small remedies that must be attended to before the team can use the workshop.


Thanks to Harriet from Verve Magazine , distributed in Auckland suburbs, who ran a great story about our team, in late 2016.   It gives a good background as to why and how we started up.  Have a read by clicking this link.


2017 is looking like a great year for Mamma’s Laef.

Mi lukim yu



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