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September Gratitude

It’s a week since I arrived back in New Zealand from the Vanuatu “distribution / education” trip with the Mamma’s Laef team.

This was my 11th trip into Vanuatu and each time I learn something new about the culture, the make-up of communities, and the HOW as to how things work in Vanuatu.   In many ways, so different to HOW it is for me back in New Zealand – of course it would, it’s a different country.   Some times I found myself incredibly frustrated at what appears to be a lack of sense of urgency and I need to remind myself that isn’t New Zealand!   This is also a reminder to me of acceptance, of difference and not expecting a “white” solution or outcome.


As one New Zealand based group who were working in Vanuatu at the same time as me described it; it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion – the more you visit, the more you learn.   I concur.


There are stories to tell of this latest journey, which I will do soon. However, I have to firstly acknowledge the support received during my time in Vanuatu, in terms of Paying it Forward, by some “imports”.

Special thanks to:

  • Jane for your wisdom;
  • Amy for your practicality in providing us with a piece of equipment that really made life so much easier in our education presentations.   Since then, your desire to enthuse young women in your circle, to support our group;
  • Barbara for your generosity in giving me some luxury in my back-packer budget;
  • Janet for your wisdom, stories and generous hospitality;
  • Shaz for your listening ear, guidance, generous hospitality and delicious food;
  • Pauline for your advice on the next steps in administration.

… and not quite on the “paying it forward” level, but nonetheless, something I am grateful for – the unnamed persons for showing me the debilitating effects of bigotry and racism – I am grateful for this lesson.

img_20160916_161237_2img_20160909_201134 img_20160910_112153 img_20160908_112355


Tank yu tumas

Mi lukim yu


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