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Shaving with Virgin Coconut Oil

An elderly gentleman recently stopped at one of our market stalls to tell me about his latest revolution.  After 42 years he had stopped using soap for shaving and had converted to using coconut oil.  As an older citizen, his skin was looking well moisturised and supple.

Ladies, how about trying it when shaving your legs or underarms?

Keep a jar of Virgin Coconut Oil in the shower.    Using about a teaspoon, massage into your legs or underarms then shave as usual.  When shaving, rinse your razor often; it will easily build up with oil. Be careful;  the floor of your shower may also become slippery as the oil melts , so take care and it would be a good idea to wipe down the floor of the shower when finished (multi-tasking – showering and cleaning all at the same time?).

You will get a close and very smooth shave.  As Virgin Coconut Oil is naturally antibacterial it will protect against razor burn.  The heat of your shower will open up your pores, allowing the coconut oil to moisturize your skin at the same time, so saving you moisturising after the shower, but of course you can still do that too.  I have had customers report to me that they haven’t used body lotion since beginning to use coconut oil to shave.

This is another way of reducing chemicals from your beauty regime and one of the many uses for Virgin Coconut Oil that you might not have thought of.

Virgin Coconut Oil for shaving
Smooth hairless skin – what more could you ask for


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