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Sponsorship Update

As I write this, our group has received a total of 48 sponsorships from New Zealand.

  • This means we have 48 girls that will soon have their own washable sanitary pad kits, consisting of 2 washable shields to sit in their underwear and 8 removeable and washable liners. Lasting approximately 4 years (possibly longer), the cost per month is 41 cents.
  • This means that those 48 girls will be able to attend school every day, even when they have their period – that may not have been the case before.
  • This means that the Mamma’s Laef group are steadily building up a customer base and spreading the word of a simple piece of support that will make a huge different in the lives of girls across Vanuatu.
  • This means that the Mamma’s Laef group will be receiving an income.
  • This means we are making a difference.

The kits will be made in Vanuatu and once another piece of the puzzle is completed – a small booklet around menstrual hygiene management is completed – we will be able to distribute the kits to a school on the island of Epi.   I’m hoping this will be possible by July this year.

The big 50 is looming.

If you wish to make a donation – here’s how:

  • Within New Zealand:    Pay directly to 06-0529-0454109-06
  • Outside New Zealand:   Pay via PAYPAL to the following email address:   [email protected]



Another 50 is on the horizon – who’s with me?

Please share within your network – I am sure some of your friends would love to help out.

Please note, this project is NOT a registered charity, and therefore any donations don’t attract any charity tax deductibility.   If you wish to discuss details with me, please email [email protected]

Washable Sanitary Pad kits made up of 2 shields and 8 liners
Washable Sanitary Pad kits made up of 2 shields and 8 liners

Thanks to all those who have supported this project in some way.

If you want to know more about this project, and how it all started, you can check back on previous posts on this website.


Mi lukim yu


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