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Superfoods and Coconut Oil – Dr Mercola has his say on the Top 10

By now, no doubt you’ve seen plenty of media coverage about coconut oil and the vast array of benefits.   Of course here at Lav Kokonas, we always recommend the use of VIRGIN COCONUT OIL – and not just coconut oil – BECAUSE standard coconut oil is more likely to have been produced using chemicals that you wouldn’t want in your body – so remember to check out the SOURCE of your coconut oil!   You can buy some great quality oil in New Zealand at  Lav Kokonas.


Dr Mercola   says:

“Half of the fat content in coconut oil is lauric acid—a fat rarely found in nature—that could easily qualify as a “miracle” ingredient because of its unique health promoting properties. Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-protozoa properties.

Additionally, the naturally occurring saturated fat found in coconut oil also has some amazing health benefits, such as:

Promoting   heart health Supporting   immune system health Providing   you with an immediate energy source
Promoting   weight loss Supporting   a healthy metabolism Supporting   the proper functioning of your thyroid gland


Your body sends medium-chain fatty acids directly to your liver to use as energy. This makes coconut oil a powerful source of instant energy to your body, a function usually served in the diet by simple carbohydrates. Additionally, research has demonstrated that, due to its metabolic effect, coconut oil also increases the activity of your thyroid. And you’ve probably heard that a sluggish thyroid is one reason why some people are unable to lose weight, no matter what they do.  Perhaps one of the most interesting benefits of coconut oil is its potential to ward off, or perhaps even treat, dementia.

Coconut oil is the ideal choice for all types of cooking.  In fact, it’s the only oil stable enough to resist mild heat-induced damage.”

For the full article click on the Dr Mercola link above.



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  1. I have used raw coconut oil and raw honey in a teaspoon daily for my min pin who was recovering from pancreatitis and she lived to be very strong at 16. It was renal failure that ended her life. I also fed her raw bison meat for a long time and no canned dog foods. I had her from three weeks old and she was a very lively and energetic dog.
    I also had lots of coconut in all stages, raw and in cooking as I lived for 21 years in Jamaica, I am 92 years old and live on my own and go out at least 4 times weekly.
    No help or mobility aids.

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