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Tail of the Blue Baskets – headed for landfill-

I first wrote about these adorable baskets made from recycled industrial waste, in 2014 – almost three years ago.   They were expertly woven by ni Vanuatu women from the island of Epi, when living and working in New Zealand as part of the RSE scheme.   (That’s Jenny on the left and Nettie on the right).  Nettie is an expert weaver, using Pandanus when in Vanuatu.   She and other women could see the potential in making durable baskets out of the scrapped strapping tape.   The baskets were sold by Lav Kokonas and a family in Motueka;  all funds being used for various community projects back on Epi island.


Well look what’s happened.

It took 3 years to kill it.

After   years of living outside in all weathers, sadly or maybe not – the basket has given up its usability and headed for the landfill.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

  • The strapping tape was initially saved from the landfill.
  • The strapping tape was repurposed.
  • The UV light has broken it down, so will take up less “air” space in the landfill.

What did you do today to save the planet?

Industrial waste - repurposed into something useful

Mi lukim yu


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