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Tamanu Balm – better than Clarins

Well that’s what this happy customer said.


Tamanu Balm is a blend of Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil and Tamanu Oil.  A rich nourishing balm for hands, face or body.  Tamanu Oil is of course, the anti-ageing oil that the world outside of the Pacific, are finally becoming familiar with.  Virgin Coconut Oil has all those wonderful skin rejuvenating benefits that we’ve known for years, but haven’t always been able to access easily.   But now you can, in this wonderful cleverly blended balm.  Formulated by Debbie from Infinite Botanical Skincare, exclusively for Lav Kokonas.

Low on ingredients, and no nasty chemicals.   The emulsifier and preservative are both vegetable based

Try it and see what you think.


Mi lukim yu


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