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Tamanu Oil – have you heard about this incredible piece of nature?

tamanu oil a great skin healer
Organcially grown and sustainably harvested.

Did you know that we stock Tamanu Oil at Lav Kokonas?

Little known in New Zealand, but word is spreading about the wonderful properties of Tamanu Oil in relation to healing the skin.

Women around the globe are following in the footsteps of Pacifica women, who have known for centuries about the Tamanu’s ability to accelerate skin healing.   I am told it is great for older skin – I’m being politically correct!

I often refer to Tamanu Oil as being “a first aid kit in a bottle”.  We’ve had customers using this healing oil on anything from cuts, abrasions, nappy rash, teenage acne (with great results), types of dermatitis and psoriasis, age spots and sagging skin.   To find out more visit here.   To purchase, click here.

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