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Tamanu Oil – Nature’s Healer

Are you tired of trying skin healing creams and lotions that just don’t work?

Lav Kokonas have been selling Tamanu Oil for two years now and have had incredible feedback from customers who are delighted with the benefits of using this 100% pure Tamanu Oil .    Sourced exclusively from the beautiful islands of Vanuatu.

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Tamanu Oil to heal
Tamanu a great skin healer

Here’s a brief list of skin ailments that you can use Tamanu Oil for :

cuts and scrapes                     insect bites              acne                          

sun burnt skin                         blisters                     nappy rash

athlete’s foot                             herpes sores          dry and scaly skin

eczema and dermatitis         stretch marks        foot odour


Tamanu Oil
Lav Kokonas Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is extracted from tree nuts. It is strongly recommended that anyone with an allergy to nuts, or who has a life-threatening allergy to nuts should consult their doctor prior to use.


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