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Tamanu Oil works wonders

Feedback on any of the Lav Kokonas range of products is  welcomed.   I am always pleased when someone has tried Tamanu Oil with immediate success.    I just HAD to share this story with you.


A friend’s child had been poorly for a while and one of the resulting issues was the scabs – which look infected – around the mouth.   The family had been to the doctor, but the medication was slow in responding.   After seeing the misery this was causing, I took a small bottle of Tamanu Oil to her house for them to “give it a go”.   I was astounded (well, maybe I shouldn’t have been) about how quickly the Tamanu Oil visibly improved the skin.  Within 36 hours the healing was clearly evident.

Tamanu Oil doing what it does best, heal the skin quickly
Tamanu Oil – rapidly healing this infected skin

Tamanu has a unique way of allowing the skin to heal itself RAPIDLY – take a look at the before and after photos – taken only 2 days apart.   The improvement is remarkable, but is indicative of many stories I have heard from customers who have had success with all manner of skin issues from injured fingers, cracked finger joints during winter months, rampant psoriasis on the legs, dogs with skin irritations … the list goes on.   Tamanu Oil is naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory – that goes a long way to heal so many skin conditions.


Tamanu Oil works rapidly
Day 5 after daily application of Tamanu Oil – very little evidence left of the infection

Apparently the sister of this boy now has some dry skin around her lips and asked her Mum, “where’s that magic oil?”.   Another family converted perhaps?

You can try for yourself the benefits of  Tamanu Oil for your skin when it isn’t performing as well as it could – cuts, bruises, sunburn, anti-aging and at this time of year – it’s perfect for those chapped / split fingers.

You can apply Tamanu Oil directly on the area, once or twice a day.  I find it can be more effective for cuts to keep the area moist with a band aid (the fabric style ones work best for me for some reason).  Change the band aid as needed, usually 2 or 3 times a day.   Within 2 or 3 days, you are likely to see visible results of healing.   you are allergic to nuts, it is important that you seek medical advice before use.


Tamanu Oil for skin care
Tamanu Oil for healing so many skin conditions

We still have a limited supply of 50ml PURE Tamanu Oil is on special.

Usually $35 for 50ml now $25. Save yourself some dollars and get a great, all-round “first aid” application for you and the family.   Use the COUPON       TAM50       when at our website checkout.

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