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Thanks Robin & Friends from Melbourne

Helping hands from Melbourne

Do you remember in one of my posts about the Mamma’s Laef Washable Sanitary Pads Project, I mentioned Robin?   She is the Australian based woman who had helped us kick start sales of the washable sanitary pads in Port Vila.


Robin and I have developed quite an email link now.   Through the generosity of her and her friends, our team will soon have 3 additional electric sewing machines.   This will allow faster work and new skills to be learned by the mamma’s who were a little hesitant to use the one electric sewing machine we have.   Now there will be no excuses. 😄


In addition, some more of her friends Pauline and John,  have donated enough money for Robin to purchase 2 full kits of sewing accessories including:

  • 1x saftey pins
  • 48 x cottons
  • 7 pairs scissors
  • 6x packets sewing machine universal needles
  • 2x boxes of pins
  • 4 x measuring tapes
  • 7 x unpickers
  • 5 x packets hand sewing needles
  • 2 x needle threaders.

We are so well equipped now.  Thanks Robin, Pauline and John and those in Melbourne who have a heart for this project.


Just another overlocker to find and we are all set for the next steps.

Mi lukim yu




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